The Global Renewable Energy Education Network (GREEN) will prepare students in STEM to creatively and responsibly impact our complex world in renewable energy, sustainability and conservation efforts.


At GREEN Charter Schools, every student is empowered to pursue their dreams and equipped to impact the world for the better. 


  1. We believe autonomy, mastery, and purpose will be applied to every member of our organization and school communities. This starts with designing every aspect of our school with student interests, needs, and ideas that will impact their school experience. This also means building on the skills of our teachers to become experts in their professional practice.
  2. We believe our collective efforts will develop integrated global citizens. This involves collaborating with families, students, staff, and the community to provide the best education possible for our students.
  3. We believe in the dignity and contributions of all members of our school communities. Each person will be appreciated and accepted for their whole self. This includes learning to advocate for and protecting the differences that make us a unique, strong learning community.
  4. We believe in the value of and need for high-quality human relationships. These relationships will help improve academic performance, encourage positive behavior, and develop strong social skills, so our students are successful in school and in life.
  5. We believe in building confidence, character, and leadership so that students can excel in a complex world. We will build ownership in our students, so they hold themselves accountable and have the complete realization of their potential and pursue their dreams.
  6. We believe in teaching curiosity and critical thinking skills so that we can empower students to be lifelong innovators and creative problem solvers.
  7. We believe in supporting the personal and professional goals of all staff. This means supporting the dreams and aspirations of our learning community.