Science Olympiad Team

We wanted to give a huge shout-out to our Science Olympiad team! Green charter school students rocked the science Olympiad competition with 6 gold, 7 silver, and 6 bronze medals between two teams.

Green has come a long way starting at 17th place in 2014 and taking 1st place in 2021, beating the reigning champions- Clinton Middle School.

 This year, as a team, their goal was to place first and advance to nationals which they did. GREEN Charter School has qualified to compete at National Science Olympiad 2021.

 Green had two teams that participated in the state competition- Team A and Team B. There was a total of 29 participants and they competed in pairs in each team. Green charter Team A took first place at the state championships and advanced to compete at nationals. Team B took 3rd place at the state championships.


 What do students do at competition?

 Science Olympiad Division B (grades 6-9) is like an academic track meet consisting of 23 events- a combination of building events and study events. This year it has been a little different as the Science Olympiad of South Carolina decided to include only 12 events. Emphasis is placed on teamwork which is a required skill in most career fields today. Events such as anatomy and physiology require a great amount of study of the body systems. Event of Reach For The Stars required knowledge of complicated astrophysics and high-level math skills. Event of Food Science may sound interesting but requires college-level chemistry knowledge and Density lab requires a good amount of physics knowledge including tons of laws of physics. Events such as Fossils and Ornithology include about 200 specimens and every detail you need to know about every one of them listed making those events very difficult and require a lot of practice. Heredity is just as difficult as you can imagine where students work on pedigrees, DNA replications, etc.

 The Disease Detectives event is where the students focus on epidemiology, outbreaks, case studies, etc, and is a long and extremely detailed event with some math involved as well. Both Dynamic Planet and Meteorology involve climate and it is not easy as it sounds. Experimental design involves designing an experiment and it is a study as well as a hands-on event that requires students to work with a set of given objects.

Some of the events that were excluded for 2021 were Water Quality, Circuit lab, Write it Do it, and a few more.

 Green students participated in all 12 events hosted by South Carolina State Science Olympiad for 2021. All students did their part which involved great teamwork, hard work, and dedication. Every participant was coached on how their event must be approached, studied, and practiced while coaches practiced regularly with the students during weekdays and weekends.

Students showed up on time for Ms. Chhabra's mandatory meetings and rarely skipped coaching sessions.


Here is the list of winners listed in their best placement:


First Place:

Maitreyi B.

Aidah W.

Rohit V.

Zayd K.

Keshav P

Brijesh A....

Kavin Micheal R

Hamza E.

Emma W.

Savannah G.



Second Place:

Kevin S.

Jay P.

Abhiram G.

Anish K.

Neil D.

Sahasra K.

Sriya R.

Sam B.



Third Place:

Vihaan D.

Archish S.

Raj B.

Vishnu A.

Cyrus F.

Keller A.

Cole F.



National Competition

Science Olympiad National competition 2021 is being held by Arizona State University (virtually). At nationals, GREEN will compete with 120 teams. These 120 teams are the best teams in the country and have won state-level championships to qualify for nationals.


The national competition is twice as tough and the team will prepare to face some of the hardest tests of Science Olympiad events.

 On an ending note, as Team A prepares for nationals, they continue to show dedication and put in the hard work. Science Olympiad is a team-based competition. You win or lose as a team. Hence teamwork is the crux of this competition which the GREEN Science Olympiad team showed in the last few months.


Congratulations to the entire team and coaches who worked tirelessly to take the first-place trophy home which will be proudly displayed in the front office at the upper campus.


A Special Thank You


We would like give special thanks to our Science Olympiad coaches who worked diligently with the students making sure they were well prepared for their event.


Our coaches include:


Ms. Bhumi Chhabra

Mr. Yuksel Sonmez

Mr. Ahmet Andac

Mr. David Gottler

Shaan Chhabra